Tsukimi Special Dinner

Autumn moon viewing, or tsukimi,
has long been a popular pastime in Japan. Not only the best known Jugoya,
the 15th night of the eighth month of the old lunar calendar,
also the 13th night of the ninth month is known
as Jusanya and celebrated to observe the beautiful waxing moon.
The Jusanya falls on Sunday 21st October 2018, and SEPTIÈME Brasserie & Bar will host
a special tsukimi night collaborating with photographer Koshu Endo
and Wagashi Master Hiromori Uchida.
Enjoy the special French course crafted by Chef Matthew Crabbe and his team,
collaborated with Ganyudo wagashi by Mr. Uchida,
in a beautiful modern French brasserie settings decorated
with stunning moon photography by Mr. Koshu Endo.
At the bar, we will offer Jusanya cocktail & wagashi pairing set only this evening.
Jusanya special course
JPY9500(tax included)
CONTACT : 03-6262-3177

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